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About Us

About  Jelly Sandals

Proudly an American Company.

The first thing that you must know about us is the fact that Jelly Sandals USA is managed by a family (Mom and Dad) based in Miami, Florida. We have been working in the last couple of years building up our professional careers, but one day our daughter comes to the world; and everything changed. As a family, we want to offer the best of the best for our child and not only that, the idea of sharing ideas and products, involving others and making this website our full time job, it’s just awesome.

After an extensive research in the market, we have come up with building this idea after evaluating the opportunity to provide a product that would bridge the gap between innovative designers around the world with contemporary urban families; so our attention and focus was on MELFLEX PRODUCTS, practical and unique products, always offering a “plus” with our customer service.

Our products DO NOT interfere with the natural circle of "the grow" we help you child to start with a good step!

Our Distribution center is in Miramar – Florida.

Retail Kiosk at Pemborke Lakes Mall unit #5546 (in front "the children Place")